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Color Selection

There are thousands of colors & textures to choose from including: Glossy, Metallic, Clears, Flats, Veins, Hammer tones, Candies, Glitters, Translucent and Wrinkles

Depending on the application, powders are available in Polyester, Epoxy, Hybrid formulations, and even HI Temp.

What does that mean for YOU? 

We'll help you determine the correct color choice for your job. Special order colors are also available for an additional charge.  So PLEASE send pictures of what you want coated along with any example pictures of the type of color you are looking for and we will point you in the right direction.

Powder Clear 

Clear Coats can help with extra UV and mar resistance. Some powders require a clear and sometimes you might just want to add a clear with a metallic flake or pearl over the color of your choice.

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