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Media Blasting & Chemical Stripping

Its ALL about prep. To get the best finish possible you need the best surface prep. We have the right tools to get your parts ready for coating. Stripping old paint/powder along with rust. Crushed glass, Steel grit, glass bead,  or aluminum oxide are available along with others to clean parts before powder coating or as individual service. We can strip powder coat with a quickness!

Powder Coating

Highly durable and versatile, powder coating paint has become the first choice for manufacturers, fabricators, and the home mechanics across the world.

Powder coating is ideal for:

    * Industrial coating
    * Sculptures & Brackets
    * Auto, Marine, Aviation
    * Restoration work

ELECTROSTATIC POWDER PAINT can be used on almost any material including aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, magnesium and titanium. The powder we use is not only more environmentally friendly than wet paint but it is more durable and weather resistant. With the many color choices and combinations you are sure to find the finish you are looking for.

VAQUA Wet Blasting  

How does the Vaqua wet-blast system work and what can it do for me?

The Vaqua wet blast process is a unique blast finishing technique. The process utilizes a three part solution of shot or grit media, water and small amounts of compressed air to develop a scrubbing action on the surface being treated. It also may be referred to as slurry blasting or (somewhat mistakenly) vapor blasting.

Unlike line-of-sight dry blasting techniques that rely on impact or impingement to do the work, Vaqua wet blasting’s principle is scrubbing the work surface. Carried by the liquid, much of the media contact with the substrate is in a transverse direction. By scrubbing the work surface with the wet blast mixture, contamination, surface deposits, scale or burrs are quickly removed and carried away, leaving a very clean and smooth surface. 

The Vaqua wet blasting system provides a safe and convenient alternative to other cleaning and surface preparation methods that generate hazardous or objectionable by-products and present costly and unnecesssary handling and disposal problems. And because our wet-slurry liquid abrasive technology is completely closed-loop, Wet Blasting is more than clean–it’s Green. Just ask us if this service is right for you!

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